Hans Snijkers 


Born 13/04/1955 - Brussels Belgium - ( Marrollen, Hopital Sint-Pierre - so i can proudly call myself a real kiekefretter, marrollien, zinneke & Brusseleir)

Mother German, Father Dutch. 4 brothers - Heini/Peter ( twins ) Kris, Stef.

School education as usual.


Married 1986 to Marina Vanderstraeten- see her website - http://www.babyplusvanderstraeten.be/ 


Two really great kids:  born: Linne 1987 (CEO of La Compania since 2008), Nick 1990. see sitepage portret B&W!


Badly serious passion from the early start.. photography, which I applied since the early 1970's.


Friends: To many to mention, to less time to see them.


Other really bad passion, ( call it disease if you wish) , travelling and seeing the world trough Nikon lenses, at no cost, so I joined different teams of tour-operators -( Sunair, NUR ) as representative/ animation chief  and above all, could make some money in practicing my hobbies. 


Never had the feeling to been busy working! It was just fun!



  • Mallorca
  • Tunisia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Senegal
  • Kenya
  • Kreta
  • Gambia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malta
  • Morroco
  • Spain, Penninsula
  • Spain, Baleares
  • Spain, Canary Islands
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Cuba
  • Thailand
  • Jamaica
  • South Africa


The overstay periods gave me the unique opportunity to learn some languages I would have missed sitting back home, doing a nine to five job!


Fluently spoken languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Dutch.

Notions: Rumanian, Italian, Greek.


Career: since 1986:


C&CB event organization. ( now D-side )

Start with a own company 1997 : event organization, stand - construction, multimedia productions, Photography, global communication B2B).

( La Compania...! Bvba )  And with "a little help from my friends and clients" keeping going on for a couple more of years.




Only 2. To take that one ultimate shot of that one splendid photo of ZB , and helping my dear beloved wife to keep her website updated.


Sorry, there is one more:  To make a lot of shots from the helicopter concerning ships, ports, harbours... with a special BIG TNX to Olivier Crousel, Stefaan Hoppe, Guy De Pauw, Charlie Notman (RIP), Kim & Peter Notman, Michel De Wispelaere...who all helped me to get introcuded in the Port of ZB and all those I forgot to mention.